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A Jinn Out of the Bottle

Spring                                                                Waning Bloodroot Moon Round Lake still has ice, April 1st.  Ice out is way late this year. Put Kate on the Northstar this morning, headed for MSP, terminal 2, for her Southwest flight to Denver and granddaughter Ruth’s 5th … Continue reading

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Walking Toward the Bomb

Spring                                                           Waning Bloodroot Moon Last night, in conversation with Bill Schmidt, cybermage and nuclear engineer, the Sheepshead group turned to Fukushima.  Bill built an identical plant on the west side of Honshu, across the sea of Japan from Korea.  That … Continue reading

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I Want To Like Nuclear Power

Spring                                                                                    Waning Bloodroot Moon Japan.  Nuclear power.  Climate change.  Not a pretty picture.  I don’t know about others, but I want to like nuclear power.  Its non-carbon emitting energy production has a potential role in staving off the worst effects … Continue reading

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