Woolly Mammoths

Beltane                                                                          Full Last Frost Moon

Woolly meeting at Scott Simpsons.  Yin took me around her whole property, showcasing her plants, talking about her plans.  Her Asian themed garden in front is a masterpiece, designed by her and realized by landscapers she trusts.  Yin also cooked Chinese spareribs, rice and made a Caesar salad.  We enjoyed it.  Bill, Frank, Mark, Scott, Paul, Mark Ellis, Tom, Warren and myself attended as well as a guest, a poet and novelist whose father sounded like a character worth knowing.

A soulful evening.  We talked of what we loved and of poetry and art.  Mark O. showed marbled paper he’s making, beautiful and read a poem about night on the river at Lock and Dam #1.   Bill read a free writing piece that showcased his wide ranging consciousness.  Paul quoted a John O’Donohue poem from his growing body of poetry committed to memory.  Scott read a poem he wrote for a friends faux wedding.

And, ta dah!  I read my first translation of a full story in Ovid’s Metamorphosis, Diana and Actaeon.  I didn’t read all of it, but enough.  It felt great.  Like I’d walked across a long bridge.

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