Jon the Renovator

Winter                   First Moon of the New Year

In Denver.  Kate and I got here around 3 pm, got a car, got on Hwy 70 and that was as far as we got for awhile.  An accident well ahead of us.

Very bright here and warm.

Jon’s done an amazing amount of work on their new kitchen, dining room, two new baths, a new bedroom.  He bought an old bowling alley, cut in half, took a to a shop and had it planed and sanded, put edging on it and has mounted it as their kitchen work spaces.  It’s gorgeous.

He also took pillars and framing timbers of old growth Douglas fir, sawed 115 years ago, glued it together and made shelves and more counter tops.  It’s beautiful.

He worked for a while with a Minneapolis renovator and learned a lot.  He’s tiling, putting in waterproofing, laying bathroom floors.  Quite a project considering he’s also teaching full time.

Granddaughter Ruth and grandson Gabe came running up to get their hugs.  Sollie, the dog, stayed with us this summer and he came up to greet us, too.  Family.

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