Travel Weary

Winter                                    First Moon of the New Year

We’re off to Denver this afternoon.  Though I want to see the grandkids and the new addition to Jon and Jen’s house, I confess I’m travel weary and not looking forward to the airplane.  Also, I’ve just begun to ease into a new rhythm, working on my three major projects, doing the short burst training and going away for a week means I’ll have to reestablish all those things when we get back.

Once we’re in the air, on the ground and tucked into our hotel room, I’ll feel different, excited to be there, I know.  But right now.  Not so much.

The dogs are away at the kennel and the house has an empty, hollow feel.  Their energy, tussle and pull, keeps three year old inquisitiveness as part of our daily life.  I like it and miss it.

Though.  When we got to the kennel yesterday, Rigel, one of our big girls, right at 100 pounds, shook off the handler who had a leash ready for her and ran away from the truck.  Straight to the door into the kennel.  She likes the place.

Talk to you later from the mile high city.


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