Walpurgisnacht                                                             Beltane Moon

As our northern European friends threw the wood on the bonfires and stripped off their clothes, I planted 100 green onions, 6 asparagus crowns and two rosemary plants.  Tomorrow morning I’ll dig up the potato bed and toss in some composted manure.

In this time between spring and mid-fall my life has a rhythm dictated in part by the weather.  Today I checked the bees and planted because this morning’s paper predicted thunderstorms tomorrow.  Now they predict afternoon which leaves some morning time available for digging potato beds.

When it rains and storms, I’ll do Latin and read.  As the summer progresses, I will move my outside work earlier and earlier in the day to avoid the heat and the direct rays of the sun.  I have a delicate Celtic skin that burns easily.  Kate has a Norwegian cover that laughs at the sun. Except for the heat part.

Who knows?  I might throw some chard and carrots in the soil tomorrow, too.  We’ll see what the weather says.


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