A Career Finished

Summer                                             Under the Lily Moon

Kate left for work for the last time tonight.

She’s had a difficult and contentious time with Allina as they have moved more and more into medicine delivered by fiat rather than from an autonomous physician.  There are lots of problems: cook book medicine, coding for maximum revenue, treating the physician as an employee and giving them speed-ups in terms of number of patients per hour to see, pay differentials between the gatekeeper doctors, the primary care providers like pediatricians, internists and family practice and the surgeons/specialists, pay differentials in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It’s comforting in a way to know that Allina has screwed her on her last night of work.  She just called me and told me she’s the only doc on in after hours care.  There are supposed to be three.  Her last night.

Come on, guys.

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