An Annual Visit to our Money

Written By: Charles - Jul• 30•12

Summer                                                                 Hiroshima Moon

Back from visiting our money at Bond and Devick.  Turns out the corpus breathes.  RJ Devick, the owner now of a firm started by Kate’s friend, Penny Bond, is a sharp guy with a keen understanding of finance and politics, a necessary union of skills.

We have our money in a largely conservative portfolio, one aimed at doing a little better when the market goes up and not so bad when the market goes down.  We’re trying to stay within 4% as our drawdown, so that plus pension (mine) and social security (both of us) represents our income stream.   We have some savings outside of the IRA, but the amount is small compared to the IRA.

Managing this money towards our retirement has required and requires our mutual attention.  We got a lot better at all of this about ten years ago, when we had a rude, unpleasant episode with a pre-collapse (of the US economy) debt load.  The message got through however and now we are fine in retirement.  Not fat, but not needy either.

Our situation is so much more fortunate than many of our contemporaries who will head into the post-retirement world with little savings.

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