Latin Fridays. (Maybe I Should Eat Fish, Too?)

Lugnasa                                                       New (Garlic Planting) Moon

Down in the pits with Ovid this morning, rasslin’.  I’m not moving as fast as I did a month ago, but I believe that this stretch is more difficult, not that I’m slower.  There are many small satisfactions in translation:  learning new words, puzzling out word order, identifying conjugations, putting phrases together to form a sentence and sentences together to form a narrative.  I enjoy it.

Today is a Latin day, so I’ll whack away at Ovid in the afternoon, too, before I work out.  Tomorrow it’s back to Missing though I hope I can work some short Ovid sessions along the way, too.

I had two different couples stop me after the Rembrandt tour yesterday, none of them part of the home school group who were my primary tour.  They both said I was an excellent docent.  Used those words.  That felt good.  I thanked them and said it was good to hear.

Kate’s roasting peppers this morning.  That set off the smoke alarm and the co2 detector.

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