In Recovery

Fall                                                                            Harvest Moon

Kate said I recovered from the hernia surgery like a kid.  Day two and I’m moving around pretty well.  Still painful in certain instances, but not too bad.  The pain meds, which I’ve cut back on, still fuzzy up the head and make sorting things through a problem.

Last night was a full moon.  I’m not a big fan of the full moon drives folks crazy argument, though it does pull the tides in the Bay of Fundy (where Paul and Sarah are) up 80 feet at high tide, but I’ve never seen the real connection between lunar gravitation and human life.

It’s a different matter, though, when it comes to dogs.  The moon casts more light on the woods, animals run around more and squeal more and our dogs go nuts more.  In general we try not to reinforce them in behaviors we don’t want, so if they bark and bark and bark and bark and bark (and so on), we don’t get up to let them out.  But, after three hours of barking, not kidding, we gave in.  Now we have tonight to get through.  We’ll see.

Still wuzzy from the vicodin.  Maybe clearer tomorrow.

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