The Wonders of Cable

Written By: Charles - Jan• 25•09

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“Discovery consists in seeing what everyone else has seen but understanding it for the first time.” – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

I read an article in the latest Wired about Comcast.  The article identified Comcast as one of the five most hated companies in the us.  It was number 56.  Number 58?  Our very own Northwest Airlines. That’s a twofer for those of us in the gopher state.

Comcast frustrates the living bejesus out of me sometimes, but ever since they finally got the fiber-optic laid to the highway about a thousand feet from our house, both TV and broadband signals have been steady.  They don’t make working with them easy though.

I got a new DVR box, hoping to increase the volume and the picture on our downstairs TV which both Kate and I use while exercising.  They wanted me to go over to their company store and pick up the new one.  I’m ordering a product that will make money for them and I have to drive all the way over to Brooklyn Park?  Nope. Deliver it.  Ok. 10.95 charge.  Maddening, but OK.  Will they take my old box?  Oh, Sure.

Last Wednesday the delivery guy shows up.  Oh, no.  I don’t work for Comcast.  I put the box in  his hands and said, take it anyway.  He did.

Then.  Power up the box and…  Nothing.  Sigh.  Calling Comcast has the same desirability as dragging chalk slowly across a black board (for those of you old enough to know what a black board is.).  Still.  I did it.  The guy sent me a signal.  Nothing happened.  He sent it again.  We powered down the box and powered it up.  Nothing. It might take a half hour to an hour, he said.  Right. OK.  If it doesn’t work after an hour, what then?  Well, service calls are running 3-5 days so you need to go—wait for it—to the nearest store and exchange it.

Good news?  By god it did come on in an hour and I was able to adjust the box using the handy guide delivered along with it.  A feat amazing in and of itself.  So, the volumes up and the picture is better.

No harm, no…  Nope. I’m within an inch of switching to the dish.  Still, inertia will set in as long as it works this time.

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