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Summer                                                                                         Solstice Moon

Since Friday night, we’ve seen explosive growth in our tomatillos and tomatoes.  It seems impossible, but I’m pretty sure the tomatillos gained 6 inches almost overnight.  The tomatoes both rocketed up and produced blooms.  We have fruits on both.  Not many, but some.  We’ve also been harvesting strawberries all week.

Carrot thinning, a task today, proved difficult on one row because tiny ants on both row ends felt disturbed by all the pulling.  They climbed onto my hands, up my arms, down my legs and onto my neck.  Nothing harmful about them, but they felt creepy.  Even so, I got all the carrots thinned.  Some beets have begun to mature, not ready yet, but they’re close.

The garlic crop, a diminished one as I’ve reported here before, also went from no scapes on Friday to scapes I could harvest on Saturday.  I’ve not done anything to the plants except for the initial broadcast and the jubilee and transplant water on the transplants.  The nutrient drenches and foliar sprays start next week.

My opinion of this year’s harvest potential has grown more positive.  The garlic, which I would have already harvested in years past, should be ready in the next week to ten days. It has brown up three leaves from the ground, then I’ll pull it.  The leeks and onions both look good.


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