Samhain                                                 Thanksgiving Moon

Watched movies and TV, ate lamb, lounged around with the dogs.  That was Thanksgiving.Titan   Titan is the only other body in the solar system with liquid on its surface. It has hydrocarbon lakes and seas, shores and rivers, and seasonal rainfall like on Earth Today found me back at the Latin and ready to go.  The first hour was golden.  I was on and it flowed.

I broke for about an hour to work in the garage, clearing the way for the biggest part of the project, dismantling the dog feeding and sleeping stations lovingly and well built by Jon now many years ago.  We have stuff stacked on them and some in them, so spots have to be found for all of that.  There is plenty of room.  After all, we have a three car garage and only one vehicle.

When I came back, the Latin aqueduct that had opened earlier, closed.  Weird.  I couldn’t make the words dance.  So, I put up my papers and my commentaries and my grammar. This kind of work, much like writing, will not be pressed.

Soon it will be time for lunch and our inter-species nap.  My eyelids are already drooping.

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