An Up Early Day

Spring           Waning Seed Moon

I hoovered up information on Bonnard, Rembrandt, Honthorst, Poussin and Thorvaldsen this morning, kicking it back out in bullet points and inquiry questions for the tour on Friday.  I have Beckman, Dali and Chuck Close to go.

This time around with the European painting I came back to it with renewed interest, as if I came to it fresh, yet more knowledgeable.  This reminded me of Ricouer and his notion of second naivete, an important skill as we age, if, that is, we want to enjoy work or hobbies of long standing.

An up early day, so I began to flag on the research around 11:00, so I began phone calls.  More suburban estate management, this time gutter cleaning, outside window washing and having the septic system pumped out.  This last we do every two years by city ordnance.

A nap, then a hair cut from my in home barber and now I’m out to paint the bee hives.

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