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A long day at the museum.  I had a tour at 10 and another at 2, leaving me three hours in between.  In addition, for some reason I did not get a good nights sleep last night, so I was not fresh.  Glad to be home.  The two tours went ok.  I failed to engage the college students in meaningful dialogue even though I prepared well and had inquiry questions ready.

The first group, an art appreciation class from Rochester Community College, when asked what they were studying, could only reply, “Something after some war.”  When asked later on if they had heard of Vesuvius or Pompeii, not a one, blanks.  Ditto the minotaur.  The background knowledge of so many in America is at appalling levels.

How can we have a successful national debate on any subject if the basics have gone missing?

The second group from Minneapolis Technical College had more on the ball.  They were a world religions class, but unfortunately taught by a woman I’ve encountered before whose minimal knowledge of world religions would be laughable if not sad.  She keeps talking about Chinese religions when China has philosophical systems that only later morph into religion like institutions.  Sigh.  I’m tired still and a little dark at this point.

The bees come tomorrow.  More on that after they arrive.

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