Spring          Waxing Flower Moon

Our bees came here from California so I hope they don’t suffer too much climate shock as the temperatures fall this week.  Lows will hit 35 or so midweek.  Right now, in fact, the temperature is only 42 at 10 a.m.

I grilled a turkey tenderloin last night on our inside gas grill, cooked up some whole wheat pasta served with a red sauce and cut up some tomatos and the last of our onions for a salad.  Kate had a milder day at work and so did not come home in distress as she often does on Saturdays.  She works from 9-5 every other Saturday and the number of hours, plus a lot of bending and twisting to see into small persons ears and mouths, not to mention the occasional superstrong 18 month old can tweak her neck to a bad place.

No outside work today.  I plan to move stuff for the great garage sale coming up this weekend.

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