Good Night

Spring            Waxing Flower Moon

Went on a mission today.  That’s Kate and mine’s language for a frustrating shopping experience focused on finding a particular thing.  Today I wanted inoculant for the peas and other legumes we’ll plant.  This inoculant, actually live bacteria, enables the peas to turn nitrogen back to the soil.  I mentioned it a few posts ago.

Many places don’t have it.  I didn’t phone ahead, so that’s on me, but I did locate packages of inoculant at the Green Barn, near Isanti.  Kate and I shop there often for the garden, but it’s a long way to go for just one thing.  So, I bought some onion sets, too.

Back home I made a batch of chicken noodle soup, moved furniture out to the garage for the great garage sale and read a graphic novel, a memoir of Yoshiro Tatsumi, a force in the world of manga and gekeiga.  I found the book uneven, but a fascinating glimpse into Japan as it has grown and changed over the last 70 years or so.

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