Red tape, green tape

Lughnasa                                                      New (College) Moon

IMAG0572Today Islam went in a green tape box. Some of it. Those Tafsir books I got at the Dar-el Salaam Mosque in 2012. Red box. A bunch of outdated travel guides: Thailand, South America, Venice, Turkey. Some books on India and Japan, too. But I kept a bunch on Islam, Japan, Korea, India and Hinduism.

Now the empty bookshelves outnumber the filled, the boxes have begun to assume mass, large rectangles with colorful liquor ads spread out in random patterns. The green tape boxes now far outnumber the red, though a very large number of red have already gone. As the book mounds grow and the shelves stand empty, the reality of Colorado comes closer.

Colorado Gardening-for thinking gardeners-came yesterday. Not sure how they got this address, some random form filling probably, but the news is welcome. Up in Idaho Springs, Clear Creek County, our target destination, the last frost of the season looks like it will come on time, September 12th. Makes the necessity of hoops and plastic evident.

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