Fist down

Beltane                                                                            Closing Moon

OK. I’m done shaking my fist at fate. At least for now. I’ll wait until the data gets clearer.

We had some sunshine today, helped my overall mood. Colorado has lots of sunshine, but over this month of May, not much.

Right now I’m studying for the test we’ll have during my first Colorado Native Plant Master class on Friday. It rained hard the first class and I left early to make sure Kate had time to make an appointment. Last Friday’s class was the day after my biopsy. My absorption rate is not at its usual high level. Means I have to study harder.

Lot of new terms: drupe, calyx, corolla, receptacle, sepal, dehiscent and many, many more. All part of the extraordinary details, named and differentiated, that make up plant taxonomy. So, I’ll pat my bract, sit on a cuneate leaf and twiddle my axils. Until later.

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