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Beltane                                                          Closing Moon

Mt. Falcon
Mt. Falcon (in May)

Neighbor Jude, after describing in detail his woes with his $400 Ford Bronco, “I’m now $6,000 to $8,000 into it.” said, “Here in Colorado we have 330 sunny days a year. And we just used up 28 of the not sunny days in May.” Which is true since 28 of May’s days had precipitation and clouds. A very unusual May. (as to our sunshiny days, see this: Colorado sunshine more myth than reality.)

Kate’s home. Over dinner last night at Chandeliers, the fine dining room at Brook Forest Inn, just a couple of miles down Black Mountain Drive, we both agreed that life was better when we’re together. I got distinctly out of balance over the last week, gradually worn down by the tests and the still unknown.

My O2 saturation dilemma just got some good news. When Kate did hers yesterday, it was 87. And this morning 88. That seems to mean there’s some reacclimatization process after visiting sea level. I had come back the week before from Minnesota when I started measuring mine. I’d like to take this whole question out of consideration.

Forgot to mention that the results of my echocardiogram came back in 1 day, rather than the 7-10 Noah said they would take. My heart is structurally normal. That’s good news. In fact it’s better than good news because it means I have resolved, over the intervening years, a diagnosis of left ventricular hypertrophy, presumably through exercise. I still have to get the holter monitor on though. That’s Tuesday, the same day sister Mary is coming.


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