Summer                                                                       Recovery Moon

The early morning sun through a high eastern window here in the loft falls on books stacked high on the new bookshelves. They’re awaiting space as more shelving opens up. My focus, until labor day, is getting the loft organized so I can get back to work. I’m pretty sure it will all come together by then.

Yesterday, a Sunday, was a slow day. Into Evergreen for our money meeting at a cafe overlooking Evergreen lake. The lake is a focal point and source of pride though it would be unremarkable in Minnesota. A jewelry store owner told me there are tiger muskies in it. It’s fed by Bear Creek, so the water would be cold and fresh. Could be.

No matter where you go around here there are bicyclists climbing steep mountain roads, families getting out of their cars to hike on mountain trails, and, as in Evergreen yesterday, lot of runners. This place moves. It’s very encouraging for exercise.

Looking forward to Paxton Lumber today and picking out tabletop and countertop woods. Jon and I are going out for lunch afterwards.