One More Day

Written By: Charles - Sep• 20•09

Lughnasa                                    Waxing (Blood) Moon

The fence continues.  Today I strung the rope and checked that none of it touched anything except the yellow plastic insulators.  1,200 + feet of fence now has a yellow insulator every 10 feet and white rope laced with wire.  Tomorrow I’ll do the electrifying.  That means connecting the energizer to the fence itself and sinking two ground rods.  I would have finished today but I realized late in the day that I needed PCV to keep the live wire safe and a different blade for my reciprocating saw.

It will be good to allow the puppies outside again where they bump and run, pounce on each other’s necks teeth bared and hunt each other again around the lilac and the cedar.  They’re big dogs and have a lot of energy; they need the outside to grow.

Projects like this tax my patience.  I never learned even rudimentary fix-it skills, so anything requiring manipulation of the physical world–the inanimate physical world–defies me at every turn.  So far, I’ve figured out most of the problems on this one which leads me to suspect it must be pretty easy.  Even so it has taken four four hour segments which is about as much time as I give to any one outside project.

The Vikings beat the winless Detroit Lions.  Again, they did not come alive until the second half, then they looked good.

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