Pumpkins. Gone.

Samain                                                         Thanksgiving Moon

Kate’s note to the grandkids yesterday:

peter, peter pumpkin eater
peter, peter pumpkin eater

Grandpop and Gertie and Kepler are up in the loft.

Grandma and Rigel are in bed.

The elk ate the pumpkins.

Blueberry muffins are on the stove.


The pumpkins got carved with much spilling of pumpkin seeds. Ruthie’s was silly and well done, Gabe’s slashing and minimalist. Overnight elk and mule deer found them. Were delighted. Only tops and one tooth grooved side of pumpkin flesh remained when we got up.

The mountains are filled with wild cousins ready to take advantage of a slight misstep. Bears will take out your garbage. Mountain lions will eat your dog. Elk and mule deer will dine on the Halloween pumpkins. And the alyssum. And the iris leaves. Scissor tailed flycatchers snap up the seeds of mature flowering plants.

We share this space. Or, they share it with us. Either way, we’re in it together.


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