Train Wreck

Winter                                                                              Cold Moon


Imagine a long train, 130 hopper cars filled with Wyoming’s Powder Basin coal, moving at 50 mph with roughly 19,000 tons total weight. Imagine Washington DC as its terminus. We’re in the observation room of the Washington Monument, watching this train come into town. In slow motion it hits the Capital, plowing right through and heading on down Pennsylvania Avenue taking out other government office buildings and finally spending the last of its considerable energy demolishing the White House and the Executive Office Building.


This is, I’m sure, a conservative fantasy, one being enacted now in the Oval Office. The orange old man with the wondrous toupee has, with Executive Orders, supported the Keystone and DAPL pipelines, begun the rending of the ACA, will soon appropriate money for the great wall of fear and has eroded abortion protections. He has also gagged several government agencies and his nominee for Secretary of State has effectively threatened war with China. He’s not even been in office a week. That train will get a chance to leave town, pick up speed and return to get other cabinet buildings and pick off a few journalists and protesters.



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