On Daily Rhythms

Fall                                                                                 Harvest Moon

20170615_075422_001A peculiar sequelae of my new schedule, afternoons remain inchoate. After the nap and before supper. Not sure yet what to do with that. Might be good for games and puzzles? I want to read then, too, and do Latin (or, Hebrew). Perhaps once kabbalah and Hebrew classes get cooking I’ll find this the natural time for that work. The issue is peculiar because once I’ve fed the dogs, gotten my writing done, finished items off my to do list and completed my workout, I’ve already had 7 plus active hours.

So after the nap there’s this, ok, you’ve done enough, kick back, relax feeling, yet it feels off since it’s still the middle of the day. Weird. These matters do have a way of resolving themselves over time, so we’ll see.

Kate was in fine fettle yesterday. [fettle, what is that? state or condition of health says the online dictionary. Makes sense. Also, oddly, as a verb: trim or clean the rough edges of (a metal casting or a piece of pottery) before firing]. Anyhow she felt good and I felt good seeing her feel good. She’s done a great job of adjusting to Sjogren’s, not easy at all, and days like yesterday are the reward. May she string many of them together.

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