Weather Week Ahead: Colder

Samhain                                  Full Wolf Moon

A light dusting of snow this morning came on the heels of a drop in temperature.  We’re down to 21 right now with a low in the last 24 hours of 20.  According to NOAA and Paul Douglas, we have a bunch of cold air headed our way, air now sitting over the Canadian Prairie provinces.  The 24 hour night over the Arctic combines with the ice and snow covered terrain to produce very cold weather that then squeezes itself out to the south all around the Arctic perimeter.610tempnew

There is a teeny bit of snow in the forecast, flurries in the 20% probability range.

The drought conditions have not been updated since November 19th when Anoka County was in the moderately dry range.  The lack of appreciable snow so far can only intensify the drought.

The area with the B predicts below normal temperatures for the next 6-10 days.

The bees need me right now and the straw in the back of the truck.  Later on.

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