Winter                            Full Cold Moon

Every once in a while, not often, say every two-three months I can’t get to sleep.  I’ve not discerned any pattern in this over the years.  I’m not ruminating.  I’m not anxious.  Sleep will not come.  Last night was one of those nights.

Around 2 am, I gave up, got up and read.  I like the quiet late in the night, the sense of isolation and a sort of sneaky pleasure in doing something  off normal.  At times I think I should turn my days around and sleep in the morning and stay up very late and write.  Perhaps I will someday to see how it works.  Could be hard on Kate though.

Kate’s upstairs using our new Kitchen-aid to make special cookies for me as a thank-you for help during her recovery from surgery.  Not needed, but welcome.  They have white chocolate in them.

My 63 birthday comes on Valentine’s Day.  We’ve made plans for a meal at Azia, an Asian fusion and sushi bar at 26th and Nicollet.

Now I’m off to mount the new tire and replace Kate’s license plates on the truck.

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