A Guy Thing

Winter                                        Full Cold Moon

Tires for our 4WD Tundra, knobby tough guys, weigh a lot.  Guiding them onto their small, threaded mounts required three tries and two different efforts with the jack.  Finally, they were on.   They have a nifty device to prevent rust, a washered nut with a stainless steel crown that projects out from the wheel.  Made me wonder why all vehicles don’t use the same system.

When I picked up the tire at Carlson Toyota, I thought about telling them that the accelerator pedals on both of our vehicles work fine.  They might need a little bucking up right now.  Forgot.

Composted the potatoes that froze and thawed, perhaps three dozen altogether.  Next year’s potatoes will stay inside.

When we had our garage door opener in the first bay replaced a week ago, the old one stayed behind and needed dismantling before it  could be taken by the trash man (solid waste professional).  I did that, too.  It was a guy morning which had me wondering once more about how genitals predispose us toward particular tasks.

The cookies Kate made have white chocolate and macadamia nuts.  So good she’d better not make them again.

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