Imbolc and the Megillah Moon

Sunday gratefuls: Chili. Chex mix. Rigel’s head on my pillow. Kate. 80 pounds. Vaccines. Covid. 46 at work. AOC. Ilhan Omar. CBE Purim spiel.

Sparks of Joy: The almost full Megillah Moon shining over Black Mountain this morning. The cold. Getting things done downstairs.


Kate after election day 2016


Kate has had a tough, tough week. Her weight is down. 80 pounds. She’s a bit wobbly. Which is more of a concern than that might convey. She had severe neck pain yesterday and last night. Eating is hard.

We did see Dr. Thompson on Friday. She’s a keeper. Kate’s situation, which has complications along with the complications, has her concerned and hard at work. She’s found a nurse case manager for Kate and a dietician who handles feeding tubes.

She also feels Kate may do better in a University health care system where all the docs are in one place and get together to consider her needs, form a unified plan. This would involve a switch in insurance plans. Don’t know whether that’s even possible at this point in the year.

Dr. Thompson plans to consult with the head of New West Physicians to see if exceptions can be made, either in the way New West cares for Kate or in our insurance so she can move to the University of Colorado health care system.

Dr. Thompson believes malnutrition is the chief problem right now. Again, I agree. It’s not possible for other things to calm down if the body doesn’t have enough nutrition.

A lot.

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