A day of Responsibility.

Samain and the Winter Solstice Moon


Gratefuls: Arrival Day. Snow. Mini-splits. A lower gas bill. A not as high as I expected electrical bill. The house looks good after staining. The mini-splits work well. The kitchen remodel is underway. After that moving furniture, buying a few things for the fireplace room. Settle into a new day, a new life. At Herme’s Place.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Snow. Maybe 2 inches.

Tarot: Ten of Bows, responsibility.

“A lonely person is carrying ten incomplete bows on his shoulders. He makes his way to the redoubt of hunters and warriors with a struggle but in a determined manner, a heavy burden on his shoulders. Burning flames encourage him to move through the dark forest, showing the path to the bright light of safety and companionship.” tarotx



Another spot on card. Wednesday is my inbox, errands, chores day. The definition of domestic responsibility.I like having only one day. That means I can shunt those tasks to Wednesday without any fear that I’m procrastinating on something important. It will be there on Wednesday.

This card also reminds me of my emerging sense of how to care for Jon, Ruth, Gabe as Grandpop of the Mountain. Feeling my way with a bit more certainty. Joy.

In bed this morning I went over my schedule. It befuddles me right now. Even considered getting a life coach. I’m committed to working out. Have been for a long time. But I prefer it when I can work out consistently. My current plan is four days a week: M/F-HIIT, Lower Body, Core. T/Th 20 minutes Cardio, Upper Body, Core.

What’s been happening. Things get in the way in the mornings, when I had scheduled workouts. Last week I got in no workouts. Didn’t like it. Also, when I did get in my workouts my mornings (starting at 5:45 feeding the dogs) were write Ancientrails, eat breakfast, workout. Done around noon. Then, lunch and a nap.

Here’s the big problem. After the nap, instead of feeling refreshed, I feel like it’s time to start slowing down for the day. I putz around, but if I get up around 3, the dogs want to be fed. I feed them, then me. And I go watch television. I know. But I like television. Even so, I watch more than I would if my schedule worked better.

Here’s what I decided. Feed dogs at 5:45-6. Then, feed them again around noon. I realized that part of my problem was that I felt pressure in the afternoon to do quickly whatever I had time to do. Why? Because I had to get down and feed the dogs. Well, I can change that.

I worked out at 3:30/4:00 pm for years in Andover. Got away from it here partly because the loft gets hot in the afternoons. No more. Mini-splits. I can change my schedule now and have no need to alter it in the spring and summer.

We’ll see. I hope this is one I can maintain, missing fewer workouts. I feel so much better when I workout regularly. The core work, with my post-polio, has become a critical part of my workout, too. The more regular the better.


Hey. Wanna scare yourself? Read this article: “How to Tell When Your Country Is Past the Point of No Return” I’m working through my thoughts, my response to all of this. I understand Edsall’s concerns and those of the academics he quotes. Do I agree? Not sure yet. If you read the article, tell me what you think by e-mail, text, or responding to this post.


My classes are done for the semester. I will pick up two next term: Sefer Yetzirah and Torah for the Stars. The first is the ur-text for Kabbalah. The second a continuation of the astrology work I did this term. One of the reasons I want better control of my schedule is for study. I’ve not done my usual good job of reading ahead, going over notes, doing creative things with what I’ve learned.

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