Final Take on Astrology for now

Written By: Charles - Jun• 07•22

Beltane and the Living in the Mountains Moon


My presentation for the last class of three semesters of Astrology and Kabbalah.


Embrace the fuzziness. Nicole. Good advice, Nicole. Life is full of fuzziness. Anyone who claims clarity needs to polish the lens of their inner eye. Anyone who claims certainty needs to pause and open the scope of their knowledge. Even science, perhaps especially science, is true for this moment only. Until new data becomes available.

Knowing these things lead me for many years to be a flat-earth skeptic. Even if you think you can prove it to me, you can’t. I wasn’t, at least most of the time, belligerent about it. I would quietly say no and step to the side of onrushing dogma or ideology. Only put up a raised hand, palm out, if I considered them racist, or unjust, or sexist, or dangerous in some way to self or others. Turns out there are a lot of those, but you all know that.

With Astrology I’m choosing to step to the side. I can see the benefits it brings to those of you who pursue it. A means of self-reflection, self-critique. Amen to that. With the caveat that Judaism insists on: no predictive Astrology, its value as a tool is first and foremost for personal, even soul learning.

As Elisa said, “It may not be your language.” As a tool for my personal use, not right now anyhow. I still want to get readings of my chart. Go figure. But as for pursuing this more on my own. Not right now.

As with all the classes at Kabbalah Experience, I’ve enjoyed my fellow students and teachers. I’ve learned a lot. Certainly about Astrology, but also about how Kabbalah interacts with the months and how the Tree of Life can add meaning to the pursuits of Astrology.

A pleasure to learn with you all. Thanks for all the fish.

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