Yak Trax

Written By: Charles - Nov• 21•10

Samhain                                                Waxing Thanksgiving Moon

We have a sloping, long drive way.  Most days no big deal.  On days like today, when rain has fallen, then frozen, it requires special equipment:  yak trax.  They slip on over the shoe or boot and the rope like wire keeps you upright.  I bought a pair of these after going out for the paper one morning, not real long after my achilles repair.  My feet went up and I fell just like one of those cartoon characters, head smacking the driveway with no restraint.  Blood pulsing down my head I went inside, woke Kate up and said, “I think I need some help here.”  These days I slip on the yaktrax and walk with a grip to the mailbox.

Kate called this morning from her quilt retreat bus, on her way to Eau Claire.  A truck pulling two trailers had upended near the spot of her call.  That part of Wisconsin can be treacherous in this kind of weather.  She said the bus driver had it handled.  I hope so.

I’m going through an episodic pile reduction, pitching or filing paper of one kind or another that seemed important at one point in the past.  I always the feel when I finish.  Clarity.

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