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Tech Savvy Milbank

Imbolc                                          Waning Bridgit Moon        Blue Cloud Abbey Since I plan to spend most of my time writing, I brought one of my split keyboards which make typing much easier for me.  Only thing.  It had an old fashioned pin style … Continue reading

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A Novel. Again.

Imbolc                                           Waxing Bridgit Moon Signed up for 8 nights at Blue Cloud Abbey, Feb. 28 to March 8.  My goal is to push Missing at least to the 2/3rds mark for a rough draft, maybe more if I get on … Continue reading

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Back From The Cloud

Imbolc                                                           Waxing Bridgit Moon The drive home with Frank is over.  We followed route 12 back east, away from Blue Cloud Abbey and the snow which had claimed a semi and an SUV on the road away from the Abbey, … Continue reading

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When the Bell Tolls, It Tolls For Me

Imbolc                                      Waxing Bridgit Moon Here I am, a heretic beneath the bell tower of Blue Cloud Abbey, sitting at this mobile scriptorium, pecking away at the keys.  The bell tower rises outside the window, a jet passing by, contrail at … Continue reading

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