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At Peace

Beltane                                                                    Waxing Last Frost Moon Woke up this morning feeling the week past.  Intellectually and physically tired.  Gonna take a day off to play, sleep.  Maybe go to the Walker, which I haven’t visited in far too long. We have … Continue reading

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Rigel. Again.

Lughnasa                                             New (Back to School) Moon The partisans of summer have begun to moan its passing here in the north country.  Those of us who love the fall and the winter have only begun to savor the cooler nights, the … Continue reading

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Doing Stuff

Spring                                                      Flowering Moon The netaphim ruined last year by dogs Rigel and Vega has repairs.  The repairs sit safely inside fences that Rigel has shown either no interest or no capability to penetrate.  They should last. The bees will wait … Continue reading

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Lughnasa                              Waxing Harvest Moon Good fences make good neighbors.  The folks that live diagonally across the road from us, their house fronts on Round Lake Blvd., have two dogs.  These dogs like to visit our dogs.  Note that this means … Continue reading

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