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A Northern Spring

Beltane                                                              Waxing Last Frost Moon This northern spring, a season all its own, as is the northern summer, has turned cold and wet.  Again.  The cold weather vegetables have had a near perfect early growing season.  This combination of occasional … Continue reading

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Following the Old Religion

Lughnasa                                            Full Back To School Moon Summer has three endings:  Labor Day which marks the end of summer vacation for many school children; and, for many adults like myself, kicks us into serious mode as all those years of conditioning … Continue reading

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Rigel. Again.

Lughnasa                                             New (Back to School) Moon The partisans of summer have begun to moan its passing here in the north country.  Those of us who love the fall and the winter have only begun to savor the cooler nights, the … Continue reading

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An Entrance to Faery

Summer                              Waning Strawberry Moon My cards were good.  I won some hands.  But.  Boy, did I screw up when I took a chance on a hand where winning would have offered double points, but losing, as I did, with below … Continue reading

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Summer. It’s About Time.

Summer Solstice                                      Waxing Strawberry Moon   The longest day of the year.  Light triumphant, streaming, steaming.  The darkness held at bay. Summer Solstice This is an astronomical phenomenon transformed and translated into a spiritual one.  We humans have over millennia … Continue reading

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The Summer Solstice

76  bar rising 30.00   6mph SSE  dew-point 66   Summer                             Jacksonville, Mississippi                                  Full Flower Moon Beltane 2008 has passed into history.  Look under the Great Wheel tab this afternoon or evening for a Summer Solstice posting. The plan today is to … Continue reading

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