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    Summer                        Waxing Corn Moon

    A.T. got a Blackberry.  He’s not proud of it, but the life he’s chosen for the next couple of years, especially the Sierra Club part, will require maintaining a calendar while away from home, checking e-mail and using the internet.  A phone with those features made the most sense.  He thinks.  Only use will tell.

    A.T. also got a new watchband.  But, sadly, no ring has turned up or come out.  That means soon we’ll have to face the question of how to reband (rebrand?) him.  A ring carries important social and personal meaning.  A.T. feels weird without his wedding band.

  • No Ring. Yet.

    Summer                            Sliver of the Waning Summer Moon

    Inquiring minds want to know.  No, Antra, no joy yet.  There are still a few possibilities but the weekend trip and a busy day has not left me time to go check.  We have approximately an acre and a half fenced and 2/3rds of that is woods, so we may never find it.

    Woolly’s tonight.  We discussed Good and Evil in our own lives.  Tom Crane showed a wonderful documentary about a French region focused on Champion sur Lignon.  The people in this whole region hid Jews during WWII.  In interviews with them after the fact they implied that they just did it.   It was a very moving story.  It hit me especially since they were Huguenots, the group to which John Know belonged.  Their position relative to helping the Jews I recognized from work within the Reformed tradition.  Then, too, clergy played a direct role in the attitudes that led to their extraordinary, yet very ordinary actions.