Republicans Work Hard to Elect Obama

How ’bout those Republicans?  If they work hard enough, they can give Obama the room he needs to squeeze in a second term.  If the economy markedly improves and unemployment begins an appreciable drop, then the Osama card and health care reform might give him the impetus he needs.

Rick Santorum did well in Iowa.  He prides himself on being a conservative on social issues.  Back in the day, conservatives wanted the guberment to keep out the bedroom, not legislate morality and focus on the economy, stupid.  Now they vote, as Santorum did consistently under GW, for deficit budgets to fight wars and promote a right wing agenda.  And they want marriage limited to a man and a woman, abortion made illegal again, guns in your hand whenever and wherever, immigrants treated like criminals instead of an economic necessity and the future of our country and whatever other bible bangin’ notion might occur to someone later on.

Oh, my.

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