In the Jungles of Northern Andover

Lugnasa                                                        Garlic Planting Moon

Living out here, in the wilds of exurban Andover is very peaceful.  Quiet, except for the neighbors who occasionally try out their motorcycles and dirt bikes on our street–not all that often.  Spacious, we have one hectare or 2.5 acres with woods, flower and vegetable beds and an orchard, plus a large reasonably useless yard.  Roomy, with rooms for Kate’s sewing and quilting, exercise, reading and for my writing and study.  Memories, we’ve been here 18 years and have many birthdays, Thanksgivings and holidays in our past plus visits from the kids and grandkids and all the dogs.

Yet peaceful has its limits.  When we met last night with all the Woolly wives and discussed books on a clear, comfortable evening, it was wonderful.  The buzz, the casual conversation, the different personalities.  People I’ve known for years, shared intimate parts of their lives.  That we don’t have out here.

I’ve never found my people in Anoka County, though I love it out here.  That’s partly because I’ve refused to give up my urban connections, working in politics for the Sierra Club, volunteering at the MIA, visiting museums, meeting with the Woollies.  It’s partly because I’m an introvert and starting over with new friends is tough for me.  It’s partly because my politics don’t have company here.

I suppose another way to look at this is that I have the best of both worlds, a peaceful refuge and cosmopolitan friends.  I’ll stick with that one for now.




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