Getting Ready

Samhain                                                          Thanksgiving Moon

This is a two grandma thanksgiving.  Barb, Jen’s mother, and Kate, Jon’s mother motor around the renovated kitchen chopping, boiling, baking, smashing.  Other family members clean house.  Sponges, windex, vacuums, furniture moved in and out.  Smells of turkey and butter and squash and potatoes invade the house, bringing with them the ghosts of Thanksgiving’s past.

Gabe and Ruth help in various ways.  Gabe by taking a bath and sitting around in his bear costume.  Ruth brings down the little table and the little chairs. “This is where the kids will eat,” she says, throwing a tablecloth on made by another Grandma, Zelma, Jon’s dad’s mom.

Purpose and family.  Food and sunshine.  Tables with many places.  Renovated houses.  Traveling.  Listening to stories.

Romanian in-laws.  How Jon made the table, using tools at a custom woodworking shop.  The laying of the sod.  Gertie’s ACL surgery.  Sollies weight loss.  Again.  The sound of football.  Kids laughing.

Happy Holidays.  Happy Holiseason.

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