Back Home Again

Samhain                                                             Thanksgiving Moon

Back in Minnesota where the house, still sans dogs and Kate, is even quieter.  A snow came during the time I was gone, barely 48 hours.  Not much, but enough to give the yard a coating of white and the driveway one of packed snow.

Thanksgiving at Jon and Jen’s, a family first, went well.  Turkey eaten.  Sweet potatoes and cheese and stuffing and quiche and artichoke and bread pudding with pecan pie and ice cream.  Still, not ramming it in, eating with restraint.


(1960 Chrysler Valiant)

When Kate went to pick-up the rental, they were all out of economy so she got upgraded to a Chrysler 200.  I can’t remember the last time I drove a piece of authentic Detroit iron.  A retro experience.  The cushiony ride, the clock in the dash that looked like a small clock for a desk, an interior designed to soothe.  Mostly though, it felt like a gunboat.  Like I should be engaging in some form of diplomacy.  Weird.

Kate worked hard on Thanksgiving and she likes it.  She came back to the hotel and said, “I work hard.”  As if maybe I hadn’t noticed.  She’s out there until Monday.  I pick up the dogs tomorrow and the house’s noise level will pick up again.  I’m looking forward to it.

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