Is There Such A Thing As An Individual Bee?

Spring             Waning Seed Moon

The bee hive essentials are in the red car and they come out today.  The bees themselves arrive next Saturday by semi.  Mark Nordeen told me last year’s delivery came during an April blizzard, hit a patch of ice, rolled over and killed all the bees.

This will be my first year with the bees and I’m looking forward to learning a lot about them.  The notion a hive mind has, I know, fascinated my step-son Jon for a long time.  It gets its intellectual legs from the performance of bees and ants and other social insects who as individuals can only accomplishments small increments of a larger task, the survival of the hive, but together they ensure the hive’s endurance through time.  The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  Here’s a question:  Is there is such a thing as an individual bee, or, rather do we have multiple flying macro-cellular organs of a single entity?

It’s a chilly start for the Wishes for Sky day, but I got an e-mail that said dress warm and come.  So Minnesotan.

That reminds me.  I read the inscription on an early Zhou dynasty kuei (a ritual food vessel) and one of the kids on the tour, a young Chinese girl said, “That’s so Chinese.”   This kuei was made in the 10th century B.C.

Gotta get ready.  Unload the hives and plant some peas before I take off for St. Paul.

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