A Swimmer’s Tale

Summer                                                              Lughnasa Moon

Just finished a BBC series, Life on Mars, recommended by sister Mary. Thanks, Mary. This series is a real mind bender. I can’t say why without giving away a lot of the plot, but if you enjoy mystery with a dose of science fiction, this British drama will appeal to you.

We selected a realtor today, a woman who believes the grounds, the vegetable garden and the orchard are selling points. She’s the daughter of Mary Thorpe, Margaret, and works with Mary at Coldwell-Banker in Minneapolis.

Mary Thorpe brought her Portuguese Water Dog with her, a small black dog with a soft curly coat. Mary took her to a friends who lived on a lake. Minnie, the dog, was in the water a lot. The next day her tail was between her legs even though she seemed happy. At the dog park another dog owner diagnosed the problem, swimmer’s tail. Turns out Portuguese Water Dogs use their tail as a rudder when they swim and when they’re in the water for extended periods the the muscle where the tail joins the body gets over used.


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