Vega. 4 Days Post-Op

Imbolc                                                                                               Valentine Moon

vega on couchVega update. Well. She bounds up the stairs, comes down them easily. Eating well, getting outside and moving around. Last night she got her wish and went back into the garage with her sister and Gertie, our German shorthair. She basically wants things to return to normal. She’s free of that painful left leg, able to move and sure ready to.

Her surgical wound has developed some leakage, but we’re taking her in this am to get that fixed. No evidence of infection.

Dogs don’t know quit. I’ve watched enough dogs recover from surgery, bad bites, and die from disease to know that dogs stay with life as long as it’s available to them. They truly live until they die. This may be true for other animals, too, but I know dogs and it’s pretty damned impressive.

We human animals could learn about living and dying from these lovable critters.

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