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Imbolc                                                                                     Valentine Moon

The roads are clear. The sun is shining. The snow on the roof, the stairs up to the loft and what remained after I cleared the driveway has begun to melt. Colorado for sure. Not Minnesota. If we’d had the snow in Andover that we’ve had here, we’d be barricaded with steep white walls around our home.

Vega experienced a setback with her recovery. An infection set in and we’ve had to severely restrict her movement while hitting her with even more powerful antibiotics. With a drain in the amputation site she’s getting better, but it means a bit more drawn out road to full mobility. We’re in doggy hospital mode.

We’re working on our trip to Korea and Singapore. No tickets yet, but soon. Dog boarding has already been arranged. As with our cruise around Latin America, it will be a major expense.

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