Not much

Fall                                         Waxing Dark Moon

Kate and I had our business meeting today.  I mailed a check to Allianz for Long Term Care Insurance.  Having Kate home right now is like a trial run for her retirement.  The big difference will be that she will be able to add her energetic presence, too.

She folded the clothes today, so she’s by no means just lyin’ around, but by next year she should be patched up and ready to rock.

Work outside has come pretty much to a halt.  Not that there’s no chores left, but a combination of wet weather, home distractions and doggy meddling has frazzled my energy there. I hope to get back to some of it before everything freezes up.  Don’t know quite what to do about the bees.  I do know I plan to keep bees next year, too, perhaps in my own hive boxes.

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