Kate on the mend

Fall                         Waxing Dark Moon

The Vikings took the pressure off themselves today by losing to Pittsburgh.  A lot of things could be said about the game, but in the end they lost.  It was a great game, one I enjoyed watching anyhow.  OK, I will say one thing.  That tripping penalty that called the touchdown back in the 4th quarter stank.  It was a game changer in a bad way for us.

Kate’s recovery, slow, but regular, gains strength each day. She went downstairs and up again tonight.  The incentive was big, seeing Ruth and Gabe on Skype, but the trip had a confidence building aspect, too.

Rigel and Vega have calmed down with the cooler weather.  Calmed down in a relative sense.  They still clang and bang, heavy with tooth and claw, but escaping seems to have become less a priority since the electric fence.

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