Go, Kate

Imbolc                                                                           Recovery Moon

IMAG0139Kate’s tpn feedings have given her energy. She’s finishing our taxes, for some reason she likes to do them, and in doing so has walked up and down the stairs to our third level twice. She hasn’t done that in months. When I compare where she is now with the dark days just after the bleed in September and the hemicolectomy, she’s a new woman. Is there a distance still to go? Yes. And a significant distance, too, but that doesn’t diminish the gains she’s made. Go, Kate.

My cold continues. Blah. Slowed down now as much by Nyquil as the cold itself. Blah. And, baa.

Picking up an Irish dinner from Tony’s today: colcannon, corned beef and cabbage, irish soda bread. Jon and the kids are coming up tonight. Tomorrow is the chicken soup competition at CBE. A food oriented weekend. But, comfort food, for sure.

Worrying. The shooting in New Zealand. The guy was influenced by social media, a version of internet radicalization. This means that even without intentional recruitment the spread of poison speech by cyber means has the capacity to generate murder and terror. Of course, books did it, too, but they’re not as accessible and often not in the hands of those likely to be affected by them.


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