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Lughnasa and the Labor Day Moon

Saturday gratefuls: VRCC. Baskin-Robbins. The wonderful drive from Morrison to Kittredge. Expect a sheriff and a posse to come over the rise the whole way. Antibiotics. Those working on new antibiotics. Prednisone. Rigel, Kep, and I all take it. Tempura. Last night. Made by me. Dreams. The Labor Day traffic on 285. The origins of religion and God.

Recurring dreams. Last night I dreamed of being in a hotel room again. This one older, big, about the size of a studio apartment. A large, older rug covering the whole main room, a rectangle. A quality imitation of an oriental rug, mostly in browns. Three mattresses on the floor and a bed, utilitarian. A large table, seating for six, also old, wooden, scarred.

I was there, I think, to work on a book. This hotel housed students renting by the month, usually for one month. One time, when I came back to the room, a group of students were in it, sitting at the table chatting, eating takeout food. Surprise.

They welcomed me. We talked about the hotel. Apparently each room key opened all the rooms in the hotel. They liked this room because it had a big table.

As often happens in these dreams, I went out again and ended up not being able to find my way back up by elevator. At least not easily. I had to take an oddly shaped elevator in the lobby. It went sideways as well as up. I finally got there.

This dream had a different feeling, different elements from my other hotel dreams. Often, I go to the hotel rooms, fill them up with books, research, sometimes furniture and become exasperated with so much stuff. I often stay longer than I intended to and have left without paying the bill, ashamed of not being able to move out all the stuff I accumulated.

This dream is for the Ancient Ones zoom tomorrow morning. I finally had one this week that I remembered.

In other news. A full workout week. Getting a new workout from Deb over zoom. The 15th. My body feels good, exhaustion yesterday, slept late, but that’s fine. No lasting aches or pains. No lower back issues anymore. Maybe the testosterone has begun to rise and the Lupron recede.

Rigel sees her cardiologist on Tuesday. She’s eating well, her spirits are good. She’s on the antibiotics for six weeks. This is week two home, today. As I wrote this, she stood, ruff up, front feet and head pushed forward, on the deck giving her deep warning bark to some threat she saw off toward Jude’s property, to the east of us. I couldn’t see anything.

We’re also looking at a possible 5-10″ snowfall on Tuesday. Whoa. Open Snow thinks it’s gonna happen. Weather5280 is hedging, but they tend to be more Denver metrocentric and we’re on the far western edge of the metro and in the mountains. The cold, below 30 up here, is good news for my allergies. A hard freeze knocks down pollen for good. Till next blooming, buzzing spring of course.

Now where did I put that snow shovel?

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