Ah, well

Winter and the Imbolc Moon

Tuesday gratefuls: Easy Entrees. Pork Schnitzel. Peasant salad. Feeding tube. Jevity. Kate, always Kate. Our democracy. Our nation. 8 days. Impeaching. Prosecute. Sleep. Sleep.



And, again. The tube slipped out again. When the E.R. doc put it in, she couldn’t get in the same size Kate had, so she inserted one one size down. For whatever reason the balloon that we inflated yesterday, deflated. And, out came the tube.

This time I couldn’t reinsert it. It’s tricky. The tube too flexy. The stoma has begun to close a bit. That’s the worry. That the stoma will close and have to be reopened surgically. Kate’s so fragile that anesthetic and the insult of surgery might be too much for her.

Kate’s nausea kicked up this morning. That’s the worst condition for her. She hates retching and nausea. I mean, nobody likes it, right? But, she hates, hates it. Waiting for all that to stabilize, then I imagine we’ll head back to the ER at Swedish where they did a poor job last time. Get them to fix their error. We’ve had good experiences there. This was an anomaly.

It does come, however, after Sunday’s long visit there. It does come, however, after Friday’s O2 concentrator failure and the resulting hypoxia. It does come after three weeks of extreme fatigue and low grade fever. It also comes, this time, without a feeding since it came out as she was starting last night’s Jevity. So very not good.

I got good rest last night. I’m no longer exhausted, though I am tired. My mental state is fine. Yesterday morning, not so much. I had to have a morning to myself. It was good, too. Got a workout in. Had time to just be. To recuperate myself. This introvert had been on task too long, with too many people in the picture.

Not sure where all this is going. More time at the E.R. ahead of us. Tough.

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