Off to rehab

Written By: Charles - Apr• 09•21

Ostara and the Ovid Moon of Metamorphoses

Friday gratefuls: Kate. Sarah. Nurses, techs, respiratory techs, Beth at case management, docs from New West. rehab. Sleep.

Sparks of Joy: A new class starting today with Rabbi Jamie. Kep and Rigel chasing the bunny all across the yard this morning. He got away.



Sarah has helped me get the Long Term Care application underway. I don’t do well on phone calls with people I can’t hear well, who expect precise quick answers to questions I didn’t understand.

Found myself saying, this isn’t my strength a lot this week. Phone calls. Putting in applications for much of anything. Assembling items like the new bedside table for Kate.

Sarah’s husband, Jerry, is the artist who painted the two large paintings that we have. He builds everything, from their house to a wine cave to a greenhouse and several interesting tables. Jon, too. Ruth, too. Me, not so much.

If you want an essay, a short story, a sermon, a novel, give me a call. If you wanna talk, have someone listen. Yeah. Provide nursing care or feed your dogs. That’s me. Organize to fight oppressive landlords, cool climate change, fund unemployment benefits. In my younger days, for sure.

Anyhow, nice to have help.

I’m dull right now. Too little sleep, even with Sarah’s aid. Too much concern about Kate. Too many trips in and out to the hospital. Too long in the saddle.

Kate probably goes to a new facility today, a rehab place that will work on her walking and on climbing stairs. I hope it helps her. After that, home with palliative care. Probably a week.


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