Tarot, Astrology, Quantum Mechanics

Yule and the Winter Solstice Moon

Webb gimbaled antenna deployment

Where is Webb? Now at a sedate .7860 miles per second, the Webb is 2 days into its journey to L2. 232000 miles from Earth and 667000 miles from orbital insertion.

Monday gratefuls: The Webb’s long journey. Boyish wonder. Our own long journeys. Adult enthusiasm. Jodi coming today to settle on backsplash. Ode and his positive covid rapid test. May he be well. Elizabeth, too. Snow. Sort of. The end of this wretched year approaching. Kep nudging me this morning. Money in the bank. Cooking. A bit.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Tarot

Tarot: 2022 spread. More later.


Herme and me

The Mayans had five useless days at the end of each calendar year. Unlucky, too. Don’t start new projects. Be careful. When I worked as a Presbyterian church executive, I took these days off. Had a research theme. Did that. Nobody wants somebody from the Presbytery (think Roman Catholic diocese) around the week after Christmas. My theme for this week: Tarot and Astrology and Quantum Mechanics. No, really.

The Tarot has already begun. My year of digging deeper into Tarot. Using the Wildwood Deck. Its associations with the Great Wheel. Reading. Doing spreads. Reading for others. Email or text me if you want a Tarot card reading. I’m learning and would appreciate the chance to practice.

I created a Barrow spread for the Winter Solstice. It said I needed to remain rooted in my solitude, my hermitage, until the fire returns. I accept that as wisdom from my inner guide. Probably means I’ll stay here through the winter, getting the house finished, getting back to work on Jennie’s Dead or a new writing project. Maybe another take on Lycaon.

A new Tarot year calendar has suggested a 12 card spread for the year 2022. Going to do that one today. When I’m finished writing this.

Astrology. Though I’ve read more and done more with astrology, I fell much further behind on the learning curve than I do with Tarot. Signed up for the next Torah and the Stars class. We’ll focus more on our birth charts. I’m working on a friend’s chart, too, though I don’t feel comfortable doing much with it yet.

In the same spirit of Tarot, if you’d like me to look at your birth chart and give you some feedback, let me know your time of day, location, and date of your birth. I’ll run a chart for you.

The quantum mechanics is for the Sefer Yetzirah class I’m also taking next term. Quantum mechanics and so much of what has been called occult may have connections. I say may have because I’m too ignorant of either quantum theory or the occult to have an opinion. Talk to me in three months and I might have something to say.

My buddy Ode has Covid. He’s boosted and I hope its Omicron. Still, he’s 77. In good health, yes, but… This whole damned thing has gone on way too long. Way too long.

I’ve got a year spread to do, then I’m going downstairs to straighten up a bit before Jodi and the housecleaners come. Jodi and I still have to decide on the backsplash but wanted to wait until the counter top was in place.

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